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Ali degli Angeli® is an Organic Bakery based in North West Italy, in the Province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, that bakes crackers, breadsticks and cookies made with organic oats, spelt, einkorn wheat and rye.

The main features of all our products are simplicity, quality and craftsmanship.

  • the simplicity of our ingredients, mainly flour and water, with no yeast and no chemical preservatives;

  • the quality, of our products made with the best ingredients, exclusively from organic farming; totally or partially wholegrain flours which are mostly stone ground, in order to transfer, as much as possible, all the nutritional qualities of the cereals to the finished product;

  • craftsmanship,, since all the production is done mostly by hand as if it was made at home by yourself.

The nutritional features of the cereal that we use, together with the handmade production process and the simplicity of our ingredients, make our products an ideal aid for those who want to follow the principles of a sound and proper nutrition as part of a more general ideal of respect for nature and ultimately,of ourselves.




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